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  • EAST-ADL Language and Profile
  • EAST-ADL Tools for an existing Eclipse and Papyrus platform
  • EAST-ADL Tools (standalone workbench)

  •  EAST-ADL Language and Profile

    Below are the specification of the language and its implementation as a UML2 profile. Pdf files are available for download.

    For modeling support, please check the next section.


    EAST-ADL Specification
    EAST-ADL Profile Specification

     EAST-ADL Tools for an existing Eclipse and Papyrus platform

    For users having their own Eclipse and Papyrus environment, we provide the EAST-ADL language support and plugins that you can install in your environment. This requires a valid Papyrus 1.12.5 installation.

    You can install the extension for EAST-ADL from the Papyrus website see link below.

    Alternatively you can also use the ATESST2 combined update site, which contains not only the EAST-ADL language support for Papyrus but also the plugins developed during the ATESST2 project.

    For this, refer to the Eclipse update process and point to the following update site:

    Or download an archive of this combined update site to perform an Eclipse update locally, see downloadable link below.

    Please note that this comes without examples. If you want a complete workbench with examples, see next section.

    Links to tool-related deliverables are mentioned below for additional information.

    Link to the Papyrus UML2 modeler webpage.

     EAST-ADL Tools (standalone workbench)

    We also provide a fully workable workbench based on Papyrus including all necessary plugins, extensions and some examples.

    For this, download the bundle archive (see link below), unzip it and follow the instructions in the OVERALL_README.txt file. The workbench contains a set of small examples to test some of the plugins developed in the project, which cover Dependability, Variability/Feature modeling, RIF interchange and Simulink exchange. Also two demonstrator examples are bundled.

    Pay attention to the size of the file which is around 800MB.

    Links to tool-related deliverables are mentioned below for additional information.

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